Foster Creative's 2019 Film Guide

As wedding and elopement cinematography continues to gain in popularity, we believe its our responsibility to clearly educate our clients on what films we deliver. When our expectations are set, we can be sure to exceed them. Below are several examples of different films we offer, with 3 basic categories: Trailer, Highlight, and Chapter films.


Trailer Films  (60-90 seconds)

Our Trailer Films are designed to be breathtaking, adventurous and cinematic. Our goal in their creation is to tease the couple, similarly to the way couples tease their engagement photos. Often we film these shorts alongside the couple's engagement photographer, as we did in this case with Tyler & Becky. We aim to deliver trailer films before the big day, so that couples can use the film to promote their weddings, as well as to have to show their guests during reception. As a bonus, we almost always use footage we shoot for trailer films in the couple's wedding and elopement highlight films! These are some of the absolute most fun films we create, because it allows for the greatest flexibility in creative shots, cuts, and music. Always sold as an add-on, many couples choose to incorporate trailer films into their package to add a unique touch to their wedding and elopement experience. We require just 1-2 hours of your time to create these beautiful films.


Highlight Films  (3-6 minutes)

We truly believe that our highlight films are the best of what we offer. Our highlight films are built to be cinematic, story-driven and couple-centric. Our goal in creating highlight films is to take your entire wedding / elopement and strip it down to the most beautiful moments. Every shot is carefully curated, every sound intentional. We build our highlight films with the hope that it will be the film that you and your family will return to watch during special occasions for years to come. Every package comes with a highlight film, and the amount of other film deliverables you've selected helps determine its length. Surprising to some, the more film deliverables you opt for usually means a shorter highlight film. This is because we save a lot of less-produced moments for your other chapter films. You'll see what we mean as you watch Margot & Austin's chapter films below.


Chapter Films (Vary in Length)

Finally, our chapter films are meant to be partly cinematic and mostly documentary. These are our long-form films that focus on specific parts of your day. These films are more than just a single camera on a tripod recording continuously--they're built to put you in the audience, as if you're there reliving the moment. Couples love them because it gives them an opportunity to relive every important moment, especially when the big day rushes by like a whirlwind. Our ceremony chapters often include extended footage from their first look, wedding party portraits, and celebration moments following their ceremony in addition to a multi-camera ceremony viewing experience. Our toast chapters often include grand entrances, and full coverage of parent speeches and couple thank-yous in addition to a multi-camera toast viewing experience. Our dance chapters include all special dances, as well as some of the best moments of general dancing.


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